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Darrell Evans on Focusing on the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

by Darrell Evans . December 02, 2020
Don't spend so much time and energy getting the customer that you ignore the value of that customer.

If you're an emerging thought leader, business owner, or marketer and you have the ability to grow businesses, whether it's your own or your clients, you'd want to continue reading. The gems our  co-founder Darrell Evans shares for increasing your customer lifetime value will be a game changer.


While you may be focusing on the cost to acquire a customer, you should shift your focus to how much money you can and will make from your customers, based on the frequency that they buy from you.

"Don’t just focus on the immediate value of your customer acquisition and leave the lifetime potential out of the equation. In most businesses, the lifetime value of a customer is going to be 4-7x that initial value."
– Darrell Evans

In the latest episode of the MicroFamous Podcast with Matt Johnson, Yokel Local co-founder Darrell Evans shares the following insights:

  • How to use metaphors when communicating with your clients to explain the technical aspects of what you do
  • The one question that will change your perspective on the promise you make to your clients
  • How to get results for your clients
  • How to operate in a space like digital marketing when there are variables that can get in the way of you getting results for your clients
  • How to use something small like a change order to keep client expectations in line with reality and how to deal with shifting priorities
  • How to partner with your clients in joint venture deals to monetize your marketing skill set and key things to look for for long-term success

Take the next steps to increasing customer lifetime value and boosting your profits.

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