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Darrell Evans on Turning Visitors Into Conversions By Analyzing Visitor Behavior

by Darrell Evans . March 15, 2021
In the first episode of our new Podcast Tour Series, Darrell Evans discusses the secrets to converting website visitors into customers.

It's one thing to get visitors to your website - but what’s the secret to actually converting them into customers?


On the first episode of our new Podcast Tour Series, Darrell Evans visits Pathmonk Presents to discuss how Yokel Local uses inbound marketing, HubSpot software, and buyer personas to help companies capture the attention (and business) of their website visitors. Pathmonk Presents features data-driven, real-life insights from top business leaders who share their success stories (and failures) in a brief 20-minute format.

Darrell gives insight into the challenges businesses face as they build out their online presences, especially those that are only now leaning into this process. He also emphasizes how his team “eats their own cooking” and utilizes the very same conversion strategies that he recommends for clients for Yokel Local.

Central to this vision is a well-functioning website that can guide visitors to the point of conversion. The challenge, of course, is that every visitor is at a different stage of the buyer’s journey, with some ready to make a commitment, while many others are still exploring their options. Darrell discusses his adherence to the principles of kaizen, a Japanese industrial philosophy that emphasizes continuous improvement. He discusses how his team applies their insights about buyer psychology with the data they collect to continuously improve their website to better convert visitors.

Darrell talks about how this philosophy informs every part of Yokel Local, from his own relentless focus on improving conversion to his search for team members with the same commitment and hunger. He also imparts some key wisdom from his decades of business ownership experience that we can all learn from.

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